Daggerwind Menu Screen

Here are some older screenshots of the Random Town Generator. It’s comprised of 12 x 12 grid of tiles, each tile containing between 8 to a dozen separate buildings. The Random Town generator creates a 3 x 3 grid around the player, adding and removing tiles in the same way as the Infinite terrain generator.
Daggerwind Random Town

Daggerwind iPhone Classic
Daggerwind running from inside the IDE, in classic ‘Elder Scrolls Chapter 1, Arena’ mode.

Daggerwind iPhone
This is a Daggerwind iPhone/iPod Touch mock-up using the Ravensword GUI, just for fun mind you.

Modified the look and feel of the site, and tried to reduce the amount of spam.

The banner is an ingame shot with a reflective water shader and full HDR bloom effect switched on. The text I’ve been playing around with was created using Gimp.

I think it’s a vast improvement from the prevous one.

Moved the Demo to it’s own page. Can now be found here

Well, not too much has been happening lately. which isn’t such a bad thing, as it’s means a big push is immanent.

When things do get moving again, the main focus will be to finish of the basics, then run with it. Basics first, content later.

Thinking about it, I have updated the WIKI with a couple or three simple little quests. If anyone has any little quest snippets they would like to donate, or contribute, (not that anyone reads this blog), but I would be very much appreciative. Will be writing a ‘Quest Machine’ that will take in quests, quest snippets, make up some random stuff, then spit it out when required. (Like a little quest dispenser)

Amongst other things, I’ve been revisiting the combat system recently after playing a couple or three other similar type games and observing.

I think this is quite important as a fair proportion of the game is spent killing stuff, wether we like it or not, so extra attention has been spent. Having said that, this should be considered a work in progress, so many more combat revisted’s should be expected.

Anyway, Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, and maybe an extra ‘kill’ for good measure.